About Dr. Ivey


Dr. Shanna Ivey is a full professor in the Department of Animal and Range Sciences
at New Mexico State University. Her faculty appointment is split between teaching and research responsibilities in rumen microbiology and animal nutrition. Shanna joined New Mexico State University in 2004 after completing post-doctoral work at Oregon State University in the College of Veterinary Medicine. Shanna received her B. S. in Animal Science from New Mexico State University, M. S. from University of Nebraska in ruminant nutrition with research emphasizing the use of ethanol co-products in feedlot cattle diets. After completion of her M. S. degree Dr. Ivey worked as a Clinical Research Administrator at Elanco Animal Health. She completed her Ph. D. in 2002 in ruminant nutrition with an emphasis in rumen microbiology and is currently the only rumen microbiologist in the western United States. Current research in Dr. Ivey’s laboratory focuses on determining the effect of different dietary constituents including biofuel co-products on rumen microbial ecology and the subsequent impact on animal production. Also the use of secondary plant compounds as rumen modifiers are being investigated.

Courses Taught:

Animal Science 261 – Introduction to Animal Metabolism

Animal Science 285 – Companion Animal Management

Animal Science 422 – Animal Nutrition

Animal Science 560 – Rumen Microbiology


Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Honors and Awards:

Western Section, American Society of Animal Science “Young Scientist Award”


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